Russia-Ukraine war live: fresh missile strikes on Zaporizhzhia; EU plans to set up war crimes court

EU to try to set up court to investigate and prosecute Russian war crimes

The EU will try to set up a court, backed by the UN, to investigate and prosecute war crimes committed by Russia in Ukraine, according to the European Commission’s president, Ursula von der Leyen.

In a video statement, she said: “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought death, devastation and unspeakable suffering. We all remember the horrors of Bucha. It is estimated that more than 20,000 civilians and more than 100,000 Ukrainian military officers have been killed so far.

“Russia must pay for its horrific crimes, including for its crime of aggression against a sovereign state. This is why, while continuing to support the international criminal court, we are proposing to set up a specialised court backed by the United Nations to investigate and prosecute Russia’s crime of aggression.

“We are ready to start working with the international community to get the broadest international support possible for…

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