I stopped saving much for retirement when my husband died, and I’ve found 3 more important things to spend that money on

The author, left, with her late husband.
My husband died when I was 31; we’d been diligently saving for retirement.
I regret not spending more of our earnings on experiences and things we would have enjoyed.
As a widow, I’m spending on my home and mobility instead of saving for a future that’s not promised.

There’s a lot of pressure out there to save for retirement, but I’m not buying it. I believe in financial literacy and practice sound money management, but this is one piece of financial advice that I’m ignoring, at least for now. I’m 36 years old. I was 31 when I became a widow.  My husband and I had been diligently putting money aside for our retirement when he died suddenly in 2017 and my whole world changed. 

As a rule, I don’t waste a lot of time on regrets and things I can’t change, but I do regret that, as a couple, we didn’t spend more of our hard-earned money on experiences and things that could have improved our quality of life, like taking that long-anticipated and…

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This article was written by [email protected] (Allison Nichol Longtin) and originally published on www.businessinsider.com