How to Write a Thank You Email After an Interview

You’ve updated your resume, written your cover letter, and prepared for your interview. Now it’s time for your thank you note to seal the deal. In this piece, the author outlines what to say — and not to say — in your thank you email to interviewers and answers common questions like: How much detail should you include? When should you send it? And why is it important to do? He also includes three sample emails to use as a guide.

You’ve just finished an interview for a job opportunity you’re really excited about. You know you should send a thank you note to your interviewers, but you’re not sure what to write. How much detail should you include? Should you send an email to every person you interviewed with? And what’s really the best way to follow up?

Here’s some advice on what to say — and not to say — in your message, along with sample email templates. I’ll also cover why writing a thank you note is something you should do, even…

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This article was written by Christopher Littlefield and originally published on