How to Recession-Proof Your Car

Nothing spurs a closer look at your budget like fear of a recession — and for many Americans, cars eat up a big chunk of their funds. According to AAA, the average American will pay $1,062 more in 2022 to own and operate a new car than they did in 2021. These expenses include gas, maintenance, insurance and tire costs.

But just because the cost of owning a car is rising doesn’t mean you have to pay more out of pocket. Here are some tips to recession-proof your car to save on every drive.

Pay less for auto insurance

Combine your auto and home insurance coverage. Bundling insurance policies often saves you money on your premiums. While the discount varies from one provider to the next, you could save as much as 20%, according to a 2022 Progressive survey.

Ask about discounts. Some insurance providers offer discounts, and not all of them relate to driving. Examples include being claims-free, low annual mileage and even good grades for younger drivers. Talk with your provider to see if…

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This article was written by Whitney Vandiver and originally published on