Managers, Are You Prepared to Answer Questions About Pay Equity?

By the beginning of 2023, a fifth of all U.S. workers will be covered under pay transparency laws, a trend that experts predict will continue to grow.These new laws will likely result in more employees discussing their compensation with co-workers, and more requests to managers and supervisors for pay adjustments to correct differences that employees do not readily understand or accept. Managers need to do four things to prepare for these conversations. First, guard your own emotions. Don’t get defensive when an employee asks about pay. Second, learn about what specifically is required by your state and/or company in regards to pay transparency. Third, when you discuss salary with an employee, make sure you both are in the right time and place to have the conversation. Finally, be prepared to answer common questions like how someone’s pay is determined, or why they don’t make as much as a colleague.

Maybe one of your team members came to you wanting…

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This article was written by Roberta Matuson and originally published on