Joe Biden on collision course with unions over effort to block rail strike – live

Biden at loggerheads with unions over push to stop rail strike

Joe Biden has urged the US Congress to intervene to prevent the rail strike that is looming across America and could bring passenger and freight trains screeching to a halt as early as next week.

The US president warns that a rail strike will put more than three quarters of a million Americans out of work very quickly – and one expert analysis estimates it would cost the economy $1bn in the first week.

But asking Congress to force through a tentative agreement reached in September that’s supported by some – but very much not by all – the rail unions involved puts him at loggerheads with organized labor in the US.

That goes sharply against his track record as a vociferous supporter of unions through thick and thin over decades and a reputation as perhaps the most pro-labor president in US history.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will support action from Congress, to avert strikes from December 9, while House majority…

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