Disney Swan vs. Dolphin: Which Is Best?

Disney fans know that where you stay can be an important part of the theme park experience. Two of the more iconic hotels in the Florida resort area, the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin, may puzzle some travelers: The buildings look similar enough in color and design that they could be confused for one hotel, but the two have several differences. When it comes to Disney Swan versus Dolphin, it’s important to know what benefits they share and what sets them apart.

This guide can help you make the best of your stay at the Disney World Swan or Dolphin, no matter which hotel you choose.

Shared services at the Disney Swan and Dolphin

Though the Swan and Dolphin hotels are managed by two Marriott Bonvoy brands, in some ways they function as one resort property. Many services and amenities are shared between the two, providing guests with more value during their stay.

One item to note is that neither hotel is an official Disney resort hotel, and Disney Magic Bands do not work as room…

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This article was written by Ramsey Qubein and originally published on www.nerdwallet.com