Activate these 14 Amex Platinum card benefits so you can get hundreds of dollars in perks

Enroll your Amex Platinum for perks like digital subscription credits and airline fee credits to get the most from your card.
The Platinum Card® from American Express offers a ton of value from its welcome bonus and benefits.
The annual fee is high, but the card pays for itself if you maximize its rewards and benefits.
Some of these perks and credits require activation before you can use them — they aren’t automatic.
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The Platinum Card® from American Express has one of the highest annual fees of any publicly available consumer credit card —$550 — but the perks of the card can more than outweigh the annual cost. For many frequent travelers, the Platinum Card is a must-have, but even if you’re sticking closer to home, you can still get hundreds of dollars in value from its benefits.

What’s more, there’s currently a great welcome offer on the card that is incredibly rewarding even if you’re not traveling right now….

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