How Companies Can Partner with Nonprofits

In today’s ESG-focused world, there is no taboo about corporations seeking advice and partnership opportunities with nonprofits. Unfortunately, many corporations don’t know where to start. What contact they have had with nonprofits has usually been through their corporate giving or corporate social responsibility programs. Three main opportunities exist for collaboration: using nonprofits to support product launches, going to market through a company’s nonprofit arm, use nonprofits to help form coalitions with other companies.

Fifteen years ago, if Goldman Sachs went looking for financial advice, a small, green nonprofit might be the last place it looked. Today, the firm and a host of other Wall St. giants don’t think twice about partnering with JUST Capital, a nonprofit that provides third-party data, tools, and insights to help measure and improve corporate performance on stakeholder and ESG issues.

The partnership is part of a growing trend in…

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This article was written by Bruce Simpson and originally published on