Dissecting GOP claims about Hunter Biden deals allegedly involving his father

Dissecting Gop Claims About Hunter Biden Deals Allegedly Involving His Father - Yu36Acm67Kgtf75Ainhq73Ssom
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“To be clear, Joe Biden is the ‘big guy.’ This evidence raises troubling questions about whether President Biden is a national security risk and about whether he is compromised by foreign governments.”

— Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), incoming chairman of the House Oversight Committee, at a news conference, Nov. 17

Soon after claiming control of the House in the upcoming Congress, Republicans announced that they would launch an investigation into business dealings of Hunter Biden, the president’s son, with the aim of proving that the president was involved in some of those deals as well. The news conference, and accompanying report issued by House Republicans, relied heavily on materials found on a hard-drive copy of the laptop Hunter Biden supposedly left behind for repair in a Delaware shop in April 2019.

The laptop has been a source of significant reporting about Hunter Biden’s personal and business life, but many news organizations have treated…

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This article was written by Glenn Kessler and originally published on www.washingtonpost.com