3 things investors should be thankful for

This has been a long, trying year for investors.

A few lowlights:

Nevertheless, there are in fact a few reasons for investors to be thankful this holiday season.

Here are three things that stand out to us:

One: What recession?

It seems like economists have been calling for a recession all year.

But a technical recession hasn’t happened. On the contrary, according to the Atlanta Federal Reserve GDP, the economy is slated to grow a robust 4.3% in the fourth quarter.

Nobody wants recessions! So be thankful we aren’t in one.

Two: The tech rout, which is actually a good thing

This may seem counterintuitive, but be thankful that the FAANG [Facebook/Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google] complex has lost billions of dollars in market value this year as the Federal Reserve has moved to hike interest rates.

Why? Two reasons.

First, it taught investors a valuable lesson: Even mighty tech companies don’t have stock prices that go up in a straight line forever.

Second, the ground is arguably set for…

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