There’s Actually No Need to Stand in Line When Traveling

Why is standing in line so aggravating? After all, there’s little tangible difference between waiting in line and hanging out near a departure gate. And still, one feels almost subhuman, and the other totally fine.

Whatever the root psychological cause, standing in line can be a major hassle for travelers. About 626 million passengers passed airport security in October 2022, according to the Transportation Security Administration, which would form a line long enough to reach the moon.

Yet waiting in airport security and other lines is almost completely avoidable. Savvy travelers know how to skip the most frustrating lines and — most importantly — how to avoid paying to do so. Here we share some of our favorite line-skipping and budget-saving tips.

Airport security

Little sends a traveler’s heart sinking faster than the sight of a snaking airport security line.

If this past summer is any indication, airport security lines could get slammed this holiday season. Almost half (46%)…

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