Thankful on Thanksgiving

We want to wish all of our listeners and readers a Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we wanted to focus on gratitude and also hear from all of you about things you are grateful for. We listen to a handful of speakpipes and discuss the things that you are feeling this holiday. We also have two great guests on the podcast today. First, we hear from Andrew over at He will be joining us once a month for a few months to help keep everyone in the know about what is going on with federal student loan forgiveness. Things are changing constantly right now, and Andrew will do his best to make sure everyone knows what to expect. Later in the episode, we will hear from one of our WCICON23 keynote speakers, Dr. Stacy Taniguchi. He will let you know a little about himself and the awesome things he will be talking about at the conference.

We asked you to send in Speak Pipes today about gratitude. Today is Thanksgiving and what better time to talk about gratitude than Thanksgiving?…

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