Calais migrants: French rescuers failed to help sinking boat

There’s growing evidence that French rescue services failed to respond adequately to a migrant boat that sank in the Channel last November, with at least 33 people on board.

Only two of the passengers survived the disaster.

Transcripts of emergency calls made to the French coastguard, seen by the BBC, suggest that desperate passengers were repeatedly told to call UK emergency services, despite being in French waters when they first requested help.

And a French police investigation, leaked to the newspaper Le Monde, appears to suggest that the French coastguard never sent help to the scene, despite a specific UK request to do so.

The BBC also heard evidence that another migrant boat was passed back and forth between the two nations’ rescue centres, just a few days before the Channel disaster.

One year on, the grey waters of the Channel still hold many secrets.

Beneath the cliffs at Cap Gris-Nez, the waves continue to slosh against the rocks; the coastline worn to a fine…

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