The Nottingham dad helping people find discounted food

A father of two has described why he started a group to help people find discounted items at food stores.

Emlyn Mousley has set up a social media group called Markdown Addicts Nottingham, which encourages people to post photos and details of items in the reduced sections of local supermarkets.

Mr Mousley said it was a simple idea which he hoped would help families struggling with rising food prices.

“Everyone likes a good bargain, so why not share the knowledge?” he said.

Mr Mousley, 45, a former builder who now works in marketing, set up the Facebook group a month ago and already has more than 200 followers.

He said he had made significant savings by shopping in the reduced sections of food stores.

“If it’s just going out of date, and it’s half price, then buy it and bang it straight in the freezer,” he said.

“I’ve always been a bit of a wheeler-dealer.

“I think everyone likes a good bargain and if I can share details of heavily discounted items that will benefit others, that’s…

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