SNP accuses Sunak of denying democracy in Scotland after supreme court ruling on new independence vote – live

Sunak cannot deny democracy to Scotland, says SNP’s Blackford

Ian Blackford, the SNP leader at Wesminster, says the supreme court has clarified a point of law, but “the very point of democracy in this union is now at stake”. He says the PM can oppose independence. But he cannot deny democracy to Scotland. He say the idea of the UK as a voluntary partnership of nations is now dead.

Sunak says he welcomes the definitive ruling. Now it is time for politicians to work together.

Blackford says the PM cannot respect the rule of law but deny democracy.

The Scottish parliament has the biggest majority for independence. What right does Sunak, who has no mandate, have to deny democracy?

Sunak says the Scottish parliament is one of the most powerful devolved bodies in the world.

He met Nicola Sturgeon to discuss delivering for Scotland, he says.

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