Fisker CEO: Looking to boost EV production as ‘we have more demand than we counted on’

Henrik Fisker, the CEO of his eponymous EV company, rang the opening bell at the NYSE today to mark a huge milestone for the company.

Last week at contract manufacturer Magna’s sprawling plant in Graz, Austria, the company began initial production of its Ocean EV SUV.

Fisker (FSR) forecasts production in Austria to initially hit 300 vehicles in Q1 of 2023, with a “rapid increase” to 8,000 vehicles in Q2. After that 15,000 cars will follow in Q3, and in Q4 the factory will ramp up to nearly 20,000 cars produced, ending with 42,400 for the year.

“We are planning a total of 42,400 cars next year, which is quite a lot for a EV startup, probably double as much as anybody has done,” Fisker said in an interview with Yahoo Finance from the floor of the NYSE.

“We have worked with the biggest contract manufacturer of cars in the world and they know how to ramp up; our suppliers have been selected together so we have diligent suppliers and quite frankly, they worked really hard with…

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