US presidential election 2024: Democrats who might challenge Biden

He’s the oldest president in US history and his approval ratings have stalled in the low 40s. Is President Joe Biden ripe for a primary challenge in 2024?

Donald Trump, the man he defeated two years ago, has just announced he will run for the White House again.

But both men are unpopular, and polls show a majority of Democrats want their party to nominate someone other than Mr Biden.

That may present an opportunity to a generation of young liberals.

Perhaps nobody would benefit more from an aging president stepping aside than his deputy Kamala Harris.

A former prosecutor who went on to serve as California’s attorney general and as its junior US senator, the 58-year-old broke glass ceilings in 2020 as the first female, first black and first Asian-American vice-president in US history.

Last year, she briefly served as acting president in the 85 minutes it took Mr Biden to undergo a colonoscopy – but it may be the closest she gets to the Oval Office.

Ms Harris is even less popular…

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