Trump’s win-loss record is worse than he pretends

Trump’s Win-Loss Record Is Worse Than He Pretends - 7Wfdhxs4Qpbtjja56Vwks7I6I4
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The first major political contest in which Donald Trump participated, he lost.

That was the Iowa Republican caucus in 2016, the first time voters got to weigh-in on the crowded field of Republican candidates for the party’s presidential nomination. And Trump, despite leading in polling coming into the caucus, came in second place to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) — and only a bit in front of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

Trump soon accused Cruz of having cheated, a now-very-familiar response to a loss from Trump. But he rebounded quickly, winning the New Hampshire primary easily and then beginning to line up enough primary and convention wins to secure the nomination. Eventually, he won the presidency.

As president and head of the party, Trump regularly boasted about his record of endorsement wins. That reputation — advanced through force of will more than the available evidence — has been badly damaged since 2016, particularly in the wake of this month’s…

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