Notes of Appreciation Can Boost Individual and Team Morale

“Positive attention is 30 times more powerful than negative attention,” as Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall have shared. “People don’t need feedback. They need attention to what they do best…A focus on strengths increases performance. Therefore, a focus on strengths is what creates growth.” If, as a leader, you want to accelerate the growth of your team, you’ll need to play to the strengths of both individuals and the collective. That begins with knowing not only your own strengths, but also the strengths of each person on your team. And it can start with a simple, well-considered note of appreciation.

Play to their strengths.

Leaders across the world instinctively know that playing to the strengths of each person on their team will accelerate both personal and organizational growth. But it’s easier said than done. Identifying strengths, our own or anyone else’s, can be tricky. At Disruption Advisors, the tech-enabled talent…

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