AmEx ‘Apply With Confidence’ Feature Streamlines Application Decisions

Next time you’re shopping around for an American Express credit card, you may be able to know your odds of approval before applying. After softly launching the “apply with confidence” feature earlier in 2022, AmEx has officially announced that it’s piloting this option on its website.

“With our new application experience, prospective card members can apply for a specific card — and know if they are approved — without having to worry about whether their application will change their credit score until they accept the card,” said Sara Milsten, American Express executive vice president of U.S. consumer marketing, in a news release.

In some ways, the feature is similar to the pre-qualification process available from other credit card issuers, but it also has important differences.

Here’s what you can expect when using the feature.

How it works

The “apply with confidence” feature is available to select applicants, including existing AmEx cardholders and those who don’t have any…

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