Labour would abolish the House of Lords

Labour would abolish the House of Lords and replace it with a “new, reformed upper chamber”, the party has confirmed to the BBC.

Sir Keir Starmer told Labour peers that he wanted to strip politicians of the power to appoint people to the chamber in the first term of a Labour government.

He said that Tory leaders have handed peerages to “lackeys and donors”.

The party is expected to confirm its plans in its next manifesto.

The Observer first reported that part of the reason for reform was because the public “have lost faith in the ability of politicians and politics to bring about change”, according to Sir Keir.

It plans to hold a consultation on what a reformed new chamber would look like – including on its size and composition – in addition to reforming the current appointments process.

Sir Keir also told peers there was strong support for reforming the House of Lords and that any new chamber should be elected by voters not fellow politicians, but that the second chamber would…

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