Independents want an end to polarization. Politicians are ignoring that.

Independents Want An End To Polarization. Politicians Are Ignoring That. - Ht3Zxodi6Jyi7Gn6G3Sesniyuy
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It’s conventional wisdom that whichever party holds the White House will lose the House majority in that first midterm election.

After all, this year’s contests served up the majority to Republicans, however narrowly, the fourth time in the past five midterms that the House majority changed hands.

But there’s nothing historically normal about this era’s political yo-yo cycle, in which one side claims power and tries to rush through its agenda before voters snap power back to the other side.

Add to that frenzy a consultant-driven maze of deeply polarizing negative advertisements that have repelled the most critical bloc of voters, independents, who keep seesawing in their support every few years.

“Both parties have resorted to the politics of fear and anger — which may appeal to the base, but independents see it as only adding to the animosity dividing the country,” David Winston, a veteran GOP pollster, wrote after crunching exit polling data….

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