Here are the suspended Twitter accounts that have been reinstated since Elon Musk took over

In this photo illustration, a reactivated Twitter profile of the former US President Donald Trump. Elon Musk reinstated him back on the social media platform on November 20, 2022.
Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, promising to uphold free speech, some accounts were reinstated.
On Saturday, Musk decided to restore former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account.
Trump is one of several controversial figures who have had their banned accounts reactivated.

Months before taking control of Twitter, Elon Musk criticized the social networking site for “failing to adhere to free speech principles,” going as far as to say that the app “fundamentally undermines democracy.”

Musk, who has previously referred to himself as a “free speech absolutist” is wielding his power, making changes to the site on a whim.

Twitter has been in non-stop chaos since Musk took over on October 27. Employees have been fired, verification now costs $7.99, and accounts have been banned. Some accounts previously…

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