The best nature photos of 2022 include giraffes fighting by ‘necking,’ neon green mushrooms, and a baby elephant rescue

The Nature Conservancy’s photo contest recognizes stunning portraits of animals, landscapes, and plants.
This year’s winners include sparring giraffes, a black sand beach, and neon mushrooms.
The photos showcase the colorful diversity of life and landscapes on Earth.
The Nature Conservancy announced the winners of its annual photo contest on September 29.This year’s winning photos showcase the vast diversity of life and landscapes on Earth.Photographer Li Ping won the Grand Prize, using a drone to capture this photo of a highway cutting across tree-shaped gullies in Tibet.Other photos capture animals in the wild — like this pair of lions rubbing heads. The one on the right is clearly older than the left lion.These giraffes look like they’re being friendly or romantic, but necking, or swinging their heads and necks into each other, is actually how they fight.These eagles were fighting, too — over a piece of salmon, according to the photographer.This elephant seal had to fight…

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