Awaab Ishak: Housing boss sacked after boy’s mould death

The boss of a housing association which rented out a mouldy flat to Awaab Ishak’s family has been sacked.

Gareth Swarbrick has been removed from his post as chief executive of Rochdale Boroughwide Housing, the board said.

His sacking comes four days after an inquest said two-year-old Awaab died from a respiratory condition caused by exposure to the mould.

His father raised the issue for three years but no action was taken before his son’s death in 2020.

In a statement after the sacking, Awaab’s family said they were “deeply saddened” that “RBH did nothing but express their confidence” in Mr Swarbrick before Saturday’s announcement.

Christian Weaver, part of the family’s legal team, said they felt “much more needs to be done”, adding that they felt “public support has played a vital role” in the sacking.

A government source welcomed Mr Swarbrick’s removal from his £185,000 per year role “for his profound failings”.

“RBH and their board still have very serious questions to answer,”…

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