An Investment for the Future: How to Pay for Egg Freezing

As Geri Diaz approached her 34th birthday, she knew she wanted to make a few more moves in her career before becoming a mom. She had been thinking about egg freezing for over a year.

“I wasn’t in a relationship so I wanted to take the pressure of having kids off my plate,” says Diaz, a senior educational consultant in New York. Prompted by friends that had their eggs frozen, she decided to research fertility preservation clinics.

In 2022, Diaz found a clinic with a high success rate for healthy births from frozen eggs. The clinic also provided financing for the egg-freezing procedure, an important consideration for Diaz that helped her decide to move forward.

Diaz is among a growing number of millennials who are choosing to freeze their eggs. According to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, close to 16,000 egg-freezing cycles were done in 2019 — an almost 90% increase since 2016 — and experts predict that number will continue to increase. But egg freezing is…

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This article was written by Ronita Choudhuri-Wade and originally published on