More CMOs Are Investing in Their Personal Brands

More Cmos Are Investing In Their Personal Brands - Medium

Chief marketing officers are spending more time, and increasingly spending money, to build a different kind of brand: their own.

Eighty percent of marketing executives say they are actively developing their own brands, with more than half of that group planning to invest more time and resources, according to a survey of 186 executives conducted between Nov. 2 and Nov. 9 by CMO Council, a trade group that includes more than 16,000 marketers.

Their goals range from simple self-promotion to marketing their employers in a different way than usual. Efforts can include carefully composed LinkedIn posts about everything from corporate leadership to their costumes at the company’s recent Halloween party.

Many executives have help in crafting and sharing their material, in some cases outsourcing most of the process to ghostwriters or third-party firms, according to companies that provide such services. However, critics may ask if such efforts truly support companies’…

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