Kroger Weekly Ads Sales, Digital Coupon Discounts, & Credit Card Offer Stacking Fun

I’ve shifted a good amount of our household grocery spend over to Costco over the last decade as they are ideal for items like gas, dog food, and alcohol and other low-margin Kirkland store brand items. Sadly (and by their own design), Costco doesn’t have everything. In fact, they brag about the limited number of products they carry (“4,000 SKUs compared to the 30,000 found at most supermarkets”). For those 26,000 other SKUs, we still frequent Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and occasionally ALDI. Of these popular grocery store chains, Kroger seems to be getting an increasing share of our grocery spend for 5 reasons:

They have a ton of SKUs
They have a lot of high-quality, good-value generic products (and frequently run sales on those products)
They have a great produce section
They have a few locations near us, which makes it easy to stop by when running errands
They don’t have membership fees like BJ’s, Costco, or Sam’s Club (there are ways to shop at Costco without a…

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