House Republicans announce plans to produce content for Fox News

House Republicans Announce Plans To Produce Content For Fox News - Mazhtk7Fgfw4Dn5Yscvybskf44
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Before we get too far into the incoming House Republican majority’s plans for putting pressure on President Biden, consider this tweet from the party’s caucus on the House Judiciary Committee.

That tweet is now a-month-and-a-half-old, but it has aged far beyond that. It was offered as Ye, the musician born Kanye West, was starring in a lengthy interview by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and with Elon Musk poised to take control of Twitter. In the days that followed, Vice News obtained footage of Ye making explicitly antisemitic comments that Carlson cut from his broadcast. In the weeks that followed, Musk’s takeover of Twitter hit some rough patches, to put it mildly. And former president Donald Trump earned a good deal of attention about a month after the tweet for having helped his party fare unexpectedly badly in the midterm elections.

But why tweet it in the first place? Why is it useful for the minority caucus of a House committee to publish a…

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