Ukraine war: Gas plant hit in latest Russian strikes

More strikes have been reported across Ukraine, days after one of Russia’s most intense bombardments of the war.

Officials say a gas production facility and a missile factory in Dnipro were among the latest targets and that at least four people died in one area.

In recent weeks, Russia has looked to target key Ukrainian energy infrastructure, following a series of battlefield setbacks.

Moscow has not yet commented on Thursday’s alleged attacks.

Four people died as a result of a strike on residential buildings in the Zaporizhzhia region, according to the president’s office.

Meanwhile, missiles hit one of Ukraine’s largest cities, Dnipro, said the regional head – causing a fire at an industrial facility and 14 injuries.

The prime minister added that the city’s Pivdenmash factory – which produces missiles, among other products – had been bombed.

Nearby, 70 shells were said to have landed around the city of Nikopol, damaging infrastructure and leaving thousands of homes without power…

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