Trump’s early 2024 launch fails to rally GOP around him

Trump’s Early 2024 Launch Fails To Rally Gop Around Him - T3F6Ks6Qmmqs2Klvdo5Xvka6Wa
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Former president Donald Trump has told associates and advisers that he wants his third White House bid to resemble the first, limiting himself to a small, improvisational operation and positioning himself as an upstart outsider.

But his official campaign announcement on Tuesday echoed his original 2015 launch in other ways that are less to his favor — lacking the advantages of incumbency and a unified party at his back.

Republican leaders in Washington and around the country are openly blaming Trump for leading the party to its third consecutive electoral letdown. A conservative press that cheered his presidency reprised the hostile tone many right-leaning outlets took when he first appeared on the political scene in 2015. And an emboldened array of potential 2024 competitors for the nomination have stepped forward to suggest an alternative future for the party, even if they are not formally joining Trump in the race yet.

Few major donors or even former…

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