These 2 charts show how much more expensive Thanksgiving dinner is this year

The average 2022 cost for a “classic” Thanksgiving dinner for 10 is $64.05, according to results from the American Farm Bureau Federation.
That’s $10.74, or 20%, higher than what it was in 2021.
Inflation is a reason for this rise; some stores are offering Thanksgiving deals to help.

Thanksgiving is a week away, and shoppers getting ready to cook or bring an item to a Thanksgiving dinner may see a more expensive grocery bill compared to just last year.

The overall average cost of a “classic” Thanksgiving dinner for 10 people, which includes things like a 16-pound turkey and a dozen dinner rolls, is $64.05.

That’s according to the American Farm Bureau Federation‘s annual survey results. With an average cost of roughly $64, it’s almost $11 or 20% higher than the average for 2021.

“Part of the increases have come from general inflation, which is a real burden on everybody for everything,” Roger Cryan, chief economist of the American Farm Bureau Federation, said. “Part of it has come…

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