The Costs and Benefits of Brand Consolidation

We often think of  brand consolidation as a “big business” concern. Take for example the recent $13.7 billion takeover of Whole Foods by Amazon. Should Amazon put its imprint on Whole Foods outlets? But branding issues play out even more frequently with small and medium enterprises. One medical practice takes over or merges with another, one manufacturer acquires another producer, or an accounting firm wants to rebrand itself for a fresh start.

From observing the dos and don’ts of firms in this space, as well as from my personal business branding experience, I can say that there are many places to stumble and fall. One study has found that only one in five brand consolidations succeeds.

Here I review the pros and cons of consolidating small to medium sized brands and provide the case of a successful serial consolidator in the professional service space. This provides some pointers on how you might proceed with any brand consolidation you might be…

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