Planning the Future for Harlem’s Beloved Sylvia’s Restaurant

BRIAN KENNY: Warning, this episode of Cold Call might make your mouth water. That is if you like biscuits and gravy, or fried chicken, or candied yams, or collard greens. In other words, if you like soul food. According to Epicurious, soul food is one of the most popular food categories in the world. It originated in the Deep South where enslaved workers, desperate to find ways to nourish their families, prepared the meager rations they were given, using cooking techniques from their West African heritage. When freed slaves migrated North after the Civil War, they brought along their recipes. Generations later, the food that became synonymous with the Black American experience has found its way into kitchens everywhere. Today on Cold Call, we’ve invited senior lecturer Christina Wing and case protagonist Sean Woods, to discuss the case entitled, Sixty Years of Sylvia’s. I’m your host, Brian Kenny, and you’re listening to Cold Call on the HBR Presents…

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