Cop27: call to rewrite draft as fossil fuel phase-down missing – live

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“The world deserves better”

The world deserves better, says Fredrick Njehu, senior Africa policy advisor at Tearfund.

“This was billed as an implementation COP – an opportunity to take real action, especially on the key issues of climate finance and phasing out fossil fuels.

“But today’s draft text signals betrayal of the most vulnerable countries who are counting the cost of inaction and facing ever bigger bills for loss and damage.

“If this text is agreed in its current form it will fail to bring justice for those suffering the worst effects of the climate crisis.”

Updated at 06.18 EST

Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate challenged world leaders in Egypt on their three decades of broken promises

Updated at 05.47 EST

Adam Morton, the Guardian’s correspondent in Sharm el-Sheikh, analyses how the draft fails to include the call from India, EU and the US, for the phasing down of all fossil fuels -…

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