Using Simulations to Upskill Employees

Reskilling workers has become a key challenge for many businesses. Korn Ferry estimates that there will be an 85-million-person talent shortage by 2030. McKinsey likens the challenge to the shift from agricultural work to manufacturing that occurred during the early 20th century. No surprise, then, that training employees tops the agenda in many organizations, according to a LinkedIn report. The market for global corporate learning and development (L&D) is $350 billion, and increasing. Despite this massive industry-wide investment, one study determined that 75% of senior managers at organizations were dissatisfied with their L&D initiatives. Conversely, Gartner reports that 70% of employees feel they lack the skills required to do their jobs.

There are three systemic reasons for this paradox: 1) an over-reliance on classroom training rather than the on-the-job behavioral practice required by most jobs, 2) a failure to recognize the importance of peer learning and…

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This article was written by Frank V. Cespedes and originally published on