Ukraine war: What happened in Poland missile blast?

Poland’s military was placed on high alert on Tuesday evening after a missile landed on its territory killing two people.

It came as Russia fired dozens of missiles at targets in Ukraine and Ukrainian forces tried to shoot them down with its own missiles – part of its air defence system.

As the Polish authorities – along with Nato allies – try to establish the facts, the BBC’s open source investigations team has been analysing reports and studying images on social media to try to uncover more details about the incident.

The explosion was first reported in the Polish media on Tuesday evening, describing a blast close to the Polish village of Przewodow, about 6km (4 miles) from the Ukrainian border.

Initial reports said the missile had landed next to an area of a farm where employees load and weigh grain, destroying a nearby building.

We examined satellite images (which showed only one farm in the village) and cross-referenced them with photographs taken at ground level on Wednesday…

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