Trump’s bleak bargain with the GOP on 2024

Trump’s Bleak Bargain With The Gop On 2024 - Tk4Qwotxc34Mltmfpozitgvdkm
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Donald Trump’s announcement that he will run for president again in 2024 could scarcely have come at a worse time for him.

Thanks to how poorly Republicans did in the 2022 election, the former president’s political stock is arguably lower than at any point since early in the 2016 campaign. That poor performance owed in no small part to Trump picking bad primary candidates — that, and his brand of election denialism turned out to be an utter electoral flop.

Given that — and given that Trump backed himself into a corner by teasing an imminent announcement before the election went sideways — he had some accounting to do on Tuesday night. How could he go about arguing that he’s the guy to carry the torch forward, in light of the 2022 results?

He tried mightily. But even when his arguments weren’t based on falsehoods and oversimplifications, they basically amounted to a remarkable attempted bargain with GOP primary voters.

Trump, as he is wont to…

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