Trump 2024: The Margaritaville campaign

Trump 2024: The Margaritaville Campaign - Kughbwsemxa6Xdln5Rmkbv22Lq
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The thing about a fading star playing the hits to his biggest fans is that the fans love it. It doesn’t matter how many times they’ve heard it, it doesn’t even matter how good the performance is. When parrotheads hear Jimmy Buffett lean into “Margaritaville,” that’s when they start dancing. That’s why they’re there.

On Tuesday evening, that vibe — very familiar to South Florida — permeated Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s event space in Palm Beach. The former president appeared in a ballroom at the facility to announce that he was pivoting back to seeking elected office after last seeking to claim political power by subverting the constitutional process that led to his ouster from the White House. So, for the third time, we got a speech from Donald Trump about how he should be elected president, for all of the reasons that he offered in each of the previous two campaign announcements.

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