Rishi Sunak says government working ‘incredibly hard’ to make autumn statement fair – UK politics live

Sunak says government working ‘incredibly hard’ to ensure to autumn statement delivers fairness and compassion

Q: The autumn statement is going to be tough for people. Why do they need to accept what is happening?

Sunak says inflation is people’s number one concern. It eats into people’s living standards. He wants to get it down, and limit the increase in mortgage rates.

That will require difficult decisions, he says.

He says over the summer people got a glimpse of what can happen when you do not get these things right.

But the decisions will be based on fairness and compassion. He says he thinks people will see that the government has “strived incredibly hard to deliver fairness, to deliver compassion”.

UPDATE: Sunak said:

I want to tell people that the decisions that we’ll be making tomorrow will be based on fairness. They’ll be based on compassion.

And I am confident that, when people see the set of decisions in the round when the chancellor has delivered his statement,…

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This article was written by Andrew Sparrow and originally published on www.theguardian.com