People still booking Ubers in UK despite downturn

Demand for Uber journeys in the UK is still strong, despite the soaring costs of living, the new boss of Uber UK has said.

Andrew Brem joined Uber UK in April.

Uber is looking to position itself as a “super-app” for travel – app users can now also book train and coach tickets and, in Liverpool, from rival taxi companies.

But Mr Brem ruled out an Uber railway takeover, saying the company was not interested in running a rail service.

“I don’t see us driving trains or operating train companies or coaches,” he said.

“We will stick to making it super-simple for riders to do the end to-end journey.”

As the cost of living soared, Mr Brem said, more people may give up their own vehicles.

“It is going to be tough for people but I expect demand for movement to be fairly strong,” he said.

“I haven’t seen a reduction in demand for Uber rides yet,

“I’m seeing quite strong demand.

“And the strong demand tends to attract more people to come and drive on the platform.

“We have no plans to lay…

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