Midterm elections 2022: Republicans edge towards slim House majority as last results trickle in – live

Control of the House is potentially just one race call away from being decided – assuming the winner is a Republican.

The GOP has won 217 of the 218 seats needed to create a majority in Congress’ lower chamber, while Democrats have 205 seats. All it will take is one more victory for Republicans to retake the chamber for the first time since 2019. The question is: where?

An obvious choice would be Colorado’s third district, where Lauren Boebert, one of the chamber’s most controversial lawmakers, is in an unexpectedly stiff battle for re-election against Democrat Adam Frisch. There are only a few ballots left to count in this race, but according to Colorado Public Radio, don’t expect the outcome to be decided today: the next results won’t be published until Wednesday.

Based on this chart from the New York Times, that makes several uncalled races in California the best possibilities for learning today which party controls the House.

Updated at 12.07 EST

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This article was written by Joanna Walters in New York (now) and Chris Stein in Washington (earlier) and originally published on www.theguardian.com