Challenge to Ky. abortion ban is back in court. Here’s what to know.

Challenge To Ky. Abortion Ban Is Back In Court. Here’s What To Know. - X7Eh2Gdagmi63Ijr5Eaojjrtnm
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In the first major legal test for abortion access since voters resoundingly moved to protect abortion rights in the midterm elections, Kentucky’s Supreme Court will hear arguments Tuesday over whether the state’s near-total bans on abortion should remain in place while an overarching challenge to the constitutionality of the restrictions plays out in court. If the court reinstates a preliminary injunction against the bans, abortion access will immediately resume to pre-ban levels.

Oral arguments in Cameron v. EMW Surgical Center begin Tuesday at 10 a.m., one week after Kentucky voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would have encoded abortion restrictions into the state constitution and excluded the courts from deciding on abortion regulations in the state.

Abortion rights advocates score major midterm victories across U.S.

Each side has filed briefs and responses and will have 30 minutes apiece Tuesday to make their arguments before the…

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