Russia-Ukraine war live news: Biden and Xi condemn Russian nuclear threats; Zelenskiy visits liberated Kherson

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EU has sent €8bn worth of weapons and equipment to Ukraine, says Borrell

The EU and its member states have so far provided weapons and military equipment worth a total of at least €8bn (£7bn) to Ukraine, according to the bloc’s foreign policy chief Josep Borrell.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with his EU counterparts in Brussels, he said this was about 45% of what the US has supplied to Kyiv.

Borrell added that the EU would “continue isolating Russia internationally” and continue imposing “restrictive measures” against Russia’s economy.

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Jessica Elgot

Rishi Sunak has called Russia a “pariah state” on the eve of his first meeting of the G20 in Indonesia, where he has vowed to confront Moscow’s representative in public and on the sidelines of the summit.

The UK prime minister said he would take every opportunity during the summit to confront Russia’s foreign…

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