Post Politics Now: Biden says Democrats likely to fall short in bid to keep House

Post Politics Now: Biden Says Democrats Likely To Fall Short In Bid To Keep House - Bavcgrlsrn7Vkvhybi5R4Aehme

The latest additions are two secretary of state candidates in Arizona and Nevada. And vote counts released Sunday night in the Arizona governor’s race suggest the only one of the nine who hasn’t lost so far, Kari Lake, is unlikely to break the trend.

The 2022 election was a big disappointment for Republicans: They failed to win the Senate, and it looks like they will have only the barest of House majorities. But it was an utter disaster for the most prominent election deniers among them.

Election denial is difficult to quantify, and many deniers won in safe Republican areas and could continue to be a force in American politics. But by virtually every metric, such candidates — and especially the most extreme ones — appear to have cost Republicans dearly in 2022.

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