My Solution to Overcoming Burnout: Diversify My Income

By Dr. Disha Spath, WCI Ambassador

I felt so stuck. I had worked hard. While others tailgated at University of Georgia football games, I holed up inside the student learning center with my headphones, piles of books, and a sneer for the loud fans interrupting my reverie on their bathroom breaks. I was determined to make the grade. Then, more of the same in medical school. In residency, my determination was tested by sleep deprivation, and my composure was tested by running cardiac arrests in the wee hours of the morning.

But all of that was for the glorious attending job at the end of the rainbow. I always imagined I would sign with one employer and spend the rest of my days serving my community. But the reality was different, much different. I worked endlessly, working 16-hour back-to-back overnight shifts as the only attending on-call overnight in the hospital. I saw everyone but I didn’t feel seen. I was working so much but didn’t feel whole. I sacrificed myself and my…

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