Hong Kong calls for probe after rugby match protest song

Hong Kong officials have demanded an investigation after a rugby game where a protest song was played instead of China’s national anthem.

The city said it “strongly deplores… the playing of a song associated with ‘violent protests'”.

The song, Glory to Hong Kong, is considered the unofficial anthem of the 2019 pro-democracy movement.

And it has become increasingly controversial under Beijing’s tight grip over the city.

The song’s lyrics refer to the “tears on our land”, and mention “democracy and liberty”.

Although Hong Kong officials did not name the song, videos of the scene from Sunday’s match have since been shared widely online.

The song can be heard playing ahead of a match between Hong Kong and South Korea at the Asia Rugby Sevens, an annual regional tournament. The players don’t appear to react to the song.

The organisers said the mistake was caused “by human error of a junior staff”, and that the Hong Kong team coach had submitted the correct song, according to a

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This article was written by and originally published on www.bbc.co.uk