Tracking which 2020 election deniers are winning, losing in the midterms

Tracking Which 2020 Election Deniers Are Winning, Losing In The Midterms - B2Rdskvynrfrbbeuq2Grsnkzgq
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The Post has identified candidates as election deniers if they questioned Biden’s victory, opposed the counting of Biden’s electoral college votes, expressed support for a partisan post-election ballot review, signed onto a lawsuit seeking to overturn the 2020 result, or attended or expressed support for the rally on the day of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol. Read more about where Republican election deniers are on the ballot near you.

The lean of the state or the district was determined using Cook Political Report ratings, when available. The Cook Partisan Voter Index (PVI) has been used to determine the lean for those races where Cook ratings were not available. Cook’s solid and likely categories are grouped as safe districts or states. Cook’s lean and toss-up categories are shown as competitive races here. Alaska uses a ranked-choice voting system, so multiple Republicans made the general election ballot.

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