Aguilar defeats election denier Marchant in race to oversee Nev. voting

Aguilar Defeats Election Denier Marchant In Race To Oversee Nev. Voting - Zbyvcddhiszkq2K5Xumaq4Vbbm
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Democrat Cisco Aguilar is projected to win Nevada’s secretary of state race, beating a Republican nominee, Jim Marchant, who sought oversight of Nevada’s elections while baselessly denying the results from 2020.

It was the latest defeat for GOP candidates who campaigned on former president Donald Trump’s false insistence the 2020 election was stolen and would have wielded power over the voting process in 2024. Marchant, who was supported by Trump, was in close competition to oversee voting in a 2024 battleground state, where the current secretary of state — a Republican — has defended the integrity of the voting process amid an onslaught of baseless claims.

Aguilar, who chairs the board of trustees for a school in North Las Vegas, campaigned on making voting more accessible and said he would “protect our democracy.”

Marchant was one of several election-denier candidates around the country nominated for secretary of state this year. In…

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